Ciccone pharma originated as a joint initiative after 21 years experience in the wellness, fitness and anti ageing industry. It was founded in 2012 and is largely based in Guangzhou in the Peoples Republic of China. Ciccone pharma is a sister company of Nomad Labs that was founded 14 years ago and the same partners and owners are involved with Ciccone pharma. The contact details for Nomad Labs are as follows www.nomadlab.cn and www.nomadlab.hk


The products supplied by Ciccone pharma will assist in everything pertaining to wellness. From the reduction of body fat to the regeneration of cells by rebuilding muscle cells, regenerating skin cells, and increasing bone density.

As we as human beings grow older our hormone production as well as cell regeneration decrease. The products supplied by Ciccone pharma will return your hormone levels to where it was when you were in your early 20’s and a young healthy adult. By returning your testosterone, growth hormone and sometimes even your thyroid hormone levels we want to stop this decrease. The main aim is to live a better quality life for longer.

Please note that the products supplied by Ciccone pharma will not be permitted in competitive sport and if you are a competitive athlete you will have to adhere to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) regulations of banned substances in sport. The products we supply are aimed at older working professionals who are health conscious and want to increase their quality of life by looking and feeling younger and stronger for longer and having a healthy body and mind well into their old age. The life style we promote will add years to your life. Most of the products we use to increase cell regeneration will increase your performance in sport and hence is banned by the IOC although perfect for curbing the ageing process.

Bodybuilding is probably the only sport where these products are widely accepted and the only sport that would benefit from the Ciccone products with the consent of all the participating athletes and officials. Bodybuilding magazines for example feature regular articles on anabolic steroids and growth hormone and these magazines have accepted the fact that pharmaceuticals are part and parcel of the science behind this sport. Although bodybuilding is called a “sport” by definition it is more a science revolving around the regeneration of cells. And this links up very closely with the new anti ageing movement that also has regeneration of cells as its principal goal.

The theory (in the scientific world) is that that the man (or woman) that will live to 150 years old has already been born and is living amongst us. We at Ciccone pharma all want to live forever and we intend on taking everyone who joins us into forever with us. If we cannot live forever we want to at least live to the theoretical 150 years old and be active and healthy until the last day of the 150th year.


Ciccone pharma will supply all pharmaceuticals to assist people who already adopted a healthy life style consisting of a good training regime and eating program. Individuals who are focused on wellness and anti ageing.