Introduction – Testosterone and the derivatives of testosterone called anabolics are also a fundamental part of wellness and physique training. These powerful hormones is well known for increasing strength and muscle mass from as far back as the early days when the Greeks consumed bull testicles in an attempt to up their own testosterone levels and increase their performance in their ancient version of the Olympic Games. This practise was well known and totally acceptable. In modern times we find testosterone attached to various different esters to release into the blood stream and become active in different ways and times. Every one of these testosterone’s have different characteristics that can benefit us in different ways. We will discuss all of these in depth below.

The derivatives of testosterone’s are called anabolics. This is when a testosterone is changed in a way that only keeps some of its original characteristics buts excludes others. For example a anabolic steroid could have muscle building effects but without the water retention of the original testosterone it got derived from. These variations are endless and a science on its own. We will discuss and explain every characteristic of every anabolic steroid in depth so that athletes would know what is best for them because we all have different needs.