To make sure your Ciccone Pharma products are not fake or a counterfeit of the real thing. Be on the look out for the following features.

  • Make sure all the injectable bottles with the exception of Thermo Lean has the orange Ciccone Pharma plastic cap on. The next Thermo Lean batch will also have the same orange cap and not the red metal one as in the pictures on the web site. The entire rest of the injectable range MUST HAVE the orange cap.
  • Every Ciccone Pharma Box must be sealed and closed on both ends with silver hologram stickers and these seals must not be broken. All the orals also have a silver hologram sticker on every packet.
  • Every Ciccone Pharma box and packet of tablets must have a verification sticker on (small pink square sticker) and once the sticker has been scratched to expose the code this code must be punched into the web site and it must check out as authentic.
  • All Ciccone Pharma products have a orange sticker on. The injectables has a orange sticker in the bottom of each bottle and the orals have the same type of sticker on the back of the packet. This sticker will give you the batch number of the product (for our internal company reference), the month and year the product was manufactured and the month and year the product will expire. Any brand who does not display such a type of sticker must already be questioned for its attention to quality and detail.


As a professional athlete I have bodybuilders ask me on regular basis what to do to prevent their high milligram testosterone injections (Test Combo 300mg, 450mg and Nomaviron 300mg) hurting that much?

Instead of injecting your Test Combo 450mg Ciccone, Sustanon 250mg, Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg or Test Rapid 100mg on its own rather mix it with a base product. I personally like to use Fast acting Deca 100mg NPP, but any anabolic base product like Deca 300mg or Equipoise 250mg will work. In contest time I use products like Masteron 100mg for this purpose. Masteron 100mg has so many other benefits that you can even use it if you don’t compete. It really makes a difference. It reduces the inflamation caused by the testosterone significantly and it will not be as sore at the injection site on the day or the day after you took the injection!

Another good rule of thumb is to draw your products up into one syringe and then to leave it to fuse (this means it becomes one product by means of all the chemicals mixing or in other words fusing together, to get the chemicals to do this you must leave the mixed syringe for a hour or two)

Lastly try not to exceed 3ml per injection site. More than 3ml per site can also cause soreness because of the amount of liquid/oil that gets concentrated on one site!