Introduction – Through the years there has been thousands of compounds that focused on the depletion of body fat or in other words the burning away of body fat. Most commonly is the thermogenics that ups the heart rate and ups the body temperature to trick the body into thinking it is having a workout when it is not. This does not however mean you do not have to train. This just means it doubles the effect and effectiveness of your training. The most common mistake people make are to take thermogenics without a good foundation of training and eating correctly. They loose weight but put it right back on because they do not sustain it with a foundation of eating and exercising. The earliest and most effective identified thermogenic was compounded by a legendary guy called Dan Duchaine. He made a cocktail of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin and millions of people took to the gyms with this cocktail pumping through their veins. It was revolutionary in the 1990’s and changed the way people attended to fat burning regimes.

In those days ephedrine was legal and we bought it over the counter in pharmacies. Those were the good old days before some junkie figured out to convert this active pharmaceutical into a dangerous narcotic called Chrystal meth and spoil it for all of us trying to beat the fat. Now there are thousands of compounds from sibutramine, clenbuterol and yohimbine to mention a few. We will discuss all of those in this section and combinations of these active pharmaceutical ingredients. We will also discuss some other forms of fat burners that is not thermogenically based like Thyroid hormones. We will point out the advantages and disadvantages of every compound.