SA Anabolics

Our mission is to inform the average person in the gym. Our aim is the South-African market. We do not encourage the use of performance enhancing drugs, some of them are dangerous. Never exceed recommended dosages.If you suffer from any medical condition, first consult your physician or medical doctor before taking any performance-enhancing drugs. Remember performance-enhancing drugs are banned in all sport. We definitely do not encourage the use of anabolic steroids in anybody under 18 years of age.

Anabolic Review

Our goals is to help you separate fact from opinion when it comes to anabolic steroids and related products. SA-Anabolic Review is the oldest and most comprehensive source of information regarding the use and characteristics of anabolic steroids available in south Africa. Don’t be fooled by the technical talk of guys out there, steroids have been around for 40+ years and we know all there is to know. No new steroids have been developed in the last 30 years so there are no wonder combinations out there that has not been tried and tested.
The real key is experience and that comes with time, unfortunately, many people who would like to tell you what to do, simply don’t have the experience, they may well have experience with themselves but that does not help your individual needs and reaction to steroids, cycles and stacks. Instead of looking for the edge, get the basics right and you’ll be 90% there. Steroids work best when you have all the other components sorted. Sure, top professional bodybuilders all look for that extra 1% to give them the advantage, but one has to realize that they have the other 99% covered in terms of diet and training etc and not everybody want’s to be a professional bodybuilder. If you are looking for results based on your goals, realistic information and no-nonsense advice, we can help.