This is a very interesting product and very different to anything else regarding preparation and effect. This is a testosterone in a water base with no ester attached to the testosterone. It’s the only testosterone with no ester. When leaving the bottle to stand for a while the testosterone granules will separate from the water and lie in the bottom. Shake the bottle very well before you try to draw it up in the needle. If you do not shake it well to get it back into suspension you will possibly draw up an uneven amount of the raw ingredient and the 100mg per ml might be 70mg and as you get to the end of the bottle you might have a thick 150mg per ml. To avoid this you must make sure the ingredient is mixed into the water thoroughly.




Testosterone Suspension

100mg per ml

Presentation size
20ml per bottle

Total strength per bottle
2000mg per bottle

0.5ml to 3ml every two to three days.

Further details
The fact that the product has no ester and it is only suspended in water keeps it active in the blood for only 2 to 3 days. In other words this would be perfect for athletes who want to take something off season and test clean in a couple of weeks. Many athletes rate this product as the most powerful anabolic steroid available with drastic gains in size and strength. The effect is immediate due to its fast acting character. Because it has no ester it will enter the blood stream within a couple of hours. Oil based testosterones take a couple of days and even weeks to enter the blood stream and elevate the blood levels.

The usual dose of testosterone suspension taken is 100mg daily or at least 150mg every second day. You cannot inject it once a week because it will only be in the system for three days and once a week will be ineffective. Test suspension that is legit and very popular is the RWR vetinary version. This version has very large crystals and is very difficult to even get through a 21 gauge needle. The Nomad Lab and Ciccone Pharma suspension has been made much finer for exactly this reason. It is however still not easy to inject and most guys have gotten around this issue by mixing the suspension with Vitamin B12. The usual mixture is to take 1ml suspension and mix between 1ml and 3ml of Vitamin B12 (not B-Complex) in the syringe. This will dilute the product and make it smoother and easier to inject. Even after successfully injecting this product it could still cause inflammation and many guys complain that the injection sight gets swollen and its very painful the day after administration. To get around this you can take an over the counter anti-inflammatory and the swelling and inflammation should be sorted. The best anti inflammatory to take is Ibuprofen. As soon as your system has gotten use to the injections this problem should be a thing of the past.

As expected a strong product like this will have strong side effects. It will have a high rate of conversion to estrogen and sensitive athletes will have to take Nolvadex (Nomad Nomadex) or Armemadex to avoid gyno. This is the worst product to use if you want to avoid water bloat. Blood pressure problems and strain on the liver and kidneys is a definite factor to consider as the dose increases and the water retention becomes more. This product also converts to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that will make this agent very androgenic. Side effects because of this will be oily skin, acne, increase aggression, body and facial hair growth. People who are predisposition for male pattern hair loss should also stay far away from this product because this product is just to strong to take a chance. Severe testicular shrinkage is guaranteed and many athletes will even take HCG while on the cycle however this practise is not always effective and could be counter productive. If there is one product that requires taking HCG and Clomid once coming off the cycle then this is the product. Because suspension is such a potent and aggressive substance the athlete should make sure to rectify the HPTA level and return the testicles to normal size with the previous mention products.

Overall suspension is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful drug available but this comes with many possible side effects. For potent mass there is no better product. For those guys who want quality this is not the product. While taking this product the athlete will fight a constant battle with fat and water build up and will have to usually take a cutting cycle directly after they stop the suspension cycle. The only exception to this rule is if you use it for very short time periods before a competition to increase the androgenic level and harden the body up. You have to however make sure that this period is kept very short so that the estrogen conversion does not have a chance to cause chaos with water retention and fat accumulation.

In conclusion there are not many substances that will give you the size and strength gains you will get from suspension. This product will however come with some sacrifices. It is difficult to inject and you will have to inject it regularly. It will cause a bloated effect and you will constantly have to take Proviron, Nolvadex or Arimidex to combat the estrogen conversion and water retention. When taking it with Oxymethelone (Anapolon) it will be the most drastic stack imaginable. Because it is water based you cannot mix any of the oil based anabolics or testosterones in the same syringe as suspension. The best bet would be to mix Stanazol with it in a syringe seeing that these are both water based. The Stanazol will then act as a bulking compound and not a cutting agent. Any oral steroid could be taken with suspension to complete the cycle and Dianabol or Stanazol tablets could fill this purpose. This substance is potent but not very versatile when it comes to stacking and cycling.


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