Cicco-Nolvadex 20

Short Description of the product: Nolvadex (Tiomoxofin Citrate) is a anti estrogenic drug. This drug is specifically a Selective Estrogen-Receptor Modulator (SERM) of the triphenylethelene family, and possesses both estrogen agonist and antagonist properties. In some tissues it might act as a estrogen while in others it will block the action of estrogen. In breast tissue Nolvadex is a strong antagonist and it blocks the estrogen and is a highly effective anti estrogen. For this reason Nolvadex is usually the first weapon in the arsenal of a athlete to help prevent gynecomastia (bitch tits).



Tiomoxofin Citrate

20 mg per tablet

Presentation Size
30 tablets per sachet

Total Strength per bottle
600 mg per 30 tabs sachet

10mg to 30mg per day

Gynecomastia is a very common side effect of anabolic steroids and testosterone when these agents arromatise in the athlete and convert to estrogen. This estrogen will then be the cause of female breast tissue growing in the nipples of a male athlete. Its is easily noticeable with a lump and swelling under the nipple. We have many athletes ask us how would they know if they are having this problem? The answer is simple. If you have to ask then you definitely do not have this condition. It is very noticeable if you just feel underneath the nipple and very often it is painful. Most times taking Nolvadex will reverse this side effect and the lumps will go away. If left for to long it will be irreversible and then the lumps will have to be removed with a small surgical procedure

The other side effect of high estrogen levels is excess water retention. This water retention will cause the athlete to look smooth and loose definition. The athlete starts looking bloated and puffy. Its very often noticeable in the face as well when the cheeks are puffy and the face appears rounder and full of water. The last very unpleasant side effect of high estrogen levels is the excess body fat that the athlete starts carrying. Females have primarily estrogen and males testosterone. For this reason females naturally carry more body fat than men. When a male athlete takes androgen’s the aromitisation of these agents will increase the male athletes estrogen and in turn the high level of estrogen will increase the athletes body fat. Taking Nolvadex will help curb these side effects as dramatically.

Nolvadex has a couple more last advantages for athletes. It has the ability to increase FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). By blocking negative feedback inhibition caused by estrogen at the hypothalamus (via the actions of GnRH) the pituitary releases FSH and LH hormones. Clomid has a very similar function. Higher levels of LH stimulates the testes in men to produce more testosterone and hence Nolvadex has a very positive effect on serum testosterone levels (in other words increases the atheletes natural testosterone level). Nolvadex is therefore very useful when coming off a anabolic steroid cycle as a PCT (post cycle recovery treatment).

Because Nolvadex is a selective estrogen receptor modulator and acts as a anti estrogen in the breast tissue of men and woman. But in the liver it acts as estrogen itself (agonist). Estrogen is very important in the liver to regulate serum cholesterol (natural balance of cholesterol). In the liver estrogen is responsible for increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol). In other words although Nolvadex blocks estrogen when it comes to breast tissue, water retention and increase in bodyfat it acts the same as estrogen in the liver to keep cholesterol levels stable and keep bad cholesterol low and good cholesterol high. For exactly this reason Arimadex (that stops the conversion of estrogen totally) although beneficial for many reasons has a very bad effect on cholesterol levels if Arimadex is taken for to long. Its always best to alternate between Arimadex and Nolvadex when dealing with estrogen.

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